The Right Motivation

Question: What motivates most people to do the right thing?

Answer: We are very “simple creatures”. Our matter is a desire, the insatiable desire for pleasures, fulfillment. Our thoughts, actions run on a very precise, egocentric “pleasure/pain” software.

Thus we are motivated to do anything by the next, attractive pleasure pulling us or by a real or anticipated pain pushing us.

What motivates us to do the “right thing”?

For that first we would need to define what “right” is. “Right” from our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egoistic point if view? Then we do not need to anything since this is how we function “out of the box”.

If we want to do the “right thing” from the point of the fully integrated, interdependent Natural system we exist in – which is the absolute, objective “right” – first we need a special environment and a purposeful, practical educational method.

There through precise, methodical, mutual work we can first understand why it is important to accept the absolute right over our egoistic, subjective “right”, then with the help of the special, practical method we have to convince each other that it is worthwhile to go above, against our instinctive tendencies to choose the absolute right and abandon our egoistic, subjective calculations.

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