Getting Out Of Our Own Head

Question: Is it truly possible to get out of your own head? Every conversation I have I’m stuck in my own mind and it creates a mental blockage to the point where I never know what to say. It has entirely taken over my life.

Answer: You are right. Getting out of our own head is almost impossible. After all one can’t lift oneself by pulling one’s own hair.

But since we have to get out of our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egoistic and subjective bubbles in order to gain a selfless, objective viewpoint of reality we need a special method that can help us doing so.

In order to escape out of our heads we need to escape somewhere else. And this somewhere else is into the “heads of others”. The only way of losing ourselves is to aim at perceiving reality through the desires, needs, viewpoints of others in a unique, closed, purposefully organized and conducted environment.

There with practical exercises, activities – like workshops, round table discussions – people can gradually pull one another out of themselves.

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