Successfully Happy

Question: Is it possible to have happiness without any form of success? Answer: No. We can become happy only if we are successful in building positive, purposeful, mutually supportive and mutually complementing relationships with each other. True happiness is the collective emotional impression that arises from those special selfless, mutually serving, loving connections.

Global Communication Skills

Question: How do good communication skills bring massive success? Answer: In a fully integrated, interdependent world that ability to “network”, communicate, build mutually responsible, mutually complementing connections with others is the most important. Such network, communication system is the foundation of life, prosperity, success and survival.

Sensing Absolute Responsibility

Question: What are you responsible for? Answer: Everything! When we start studying, understanding the fully integrated, interdependent system we exist in, we gradually understand our “crushing”, absolute responsibility for everybody and everything that happens in the system. Because this is such a crushing revelation – in an age when we can’t even take responsibility for … More Sensing Absolute Responsibility

Purpose: Reconnection!

Question: Can you tell me a story to make me understand the purpose of life? Answer: Imagine a solitary cogwheel disconnected from a magnificent, perfect, “perpetum mobile” machine that encompasses everything. How would the cogwheel feel, exist? Imagine a single cell that has been extracted from a perfect, eternal body that can observe and attain … More Purpose: Reconnection!

The Most Important Thing To Teach Children: Building Connections

Question: What are some things you should teach a child? And why? Answer: Especially in our globally integrated and interdependent era we need to teach children how to interconnect, form mutually responsible and mutually complementing environments above our inherently egocentric, self-serving, self-justifying and subjective nature. Why? Because without such “supernatural” – above inherent diversity, despite … More The Most Important Thing To Teach Children: Building Connections

Social Psychology Rooted In Nature

Question: Is social psychology scientific in nature? Answer: I would “twist” your question a little bit saying, that if social psychology traced its roots back to fundamental Natural laws, then it would become a true science. There is nothing more important than true, “material”, social psychology based on the fundamental laws of Nature, as our … More Social Psychology Rooted In Nature