What has gotten lost in the media noise around COVID-19?

We are in an interesting situation. The media, which has become the symbol of our artificial, fake, hysterical, self-serving Human society, might have put the last nail in their own coffin with their predictable coverage.

Many – experts and laymen alike – could argue that the worldwide reaction to the Coronavirus outbreak is still out of proportion, considering the number of infections, mortality compared even to seasonal flue or other more serious diseases, infections.

But like an alcoholic, the media – which has become sensationalist, paid propaganda in our days, losing any remaining respect towards classical journalism – can’t stop, they just have to overhype, distort everything to keep the general circus, ruckus going in order to purposefully confuse, dumb people.

The “problem” is that as a result, the also predictable incoherent, uncoordinated overreactions from leaders, governments worldwide probably gave the last, lethal stab into the heart of our present, artificial overconsumption, overproduction, exploitative, self-destructive Human paradigm the media had been loyally serving.

When the outbreak is over and the dust settles, we will look at a very different Human society, with most of its excessive, obsolete structures, ideologies, professions gone, as we will move towards a different Human structure that is based on true natural, healthy necessities, more normal, mutually responsible and mutually complementing Human interconnections.

And in that new system there is no place for today’s fake news and entertainment industry. Hopefully we will return to the original, classical journalism with people, who want to inform people in an honest, helpful way, truly keeping the well-being of society as their primary principle.

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