Millennials Building In The Ruins Of The Collapsing Ponzi Pyramid

Question: The millennial generation appears to be so much poorer than those of their parents. For most, ever owning a house seems unlikely, and even car ownership is much less common. What exactly happened to cause this? Answer: This is the end of the giant Ponzi scheme that is called “free market capitalism” when the … More Millennials Building In The Ruins Of The Collapsing Ponzi Pyramid

The Real Problem With Unemployment

Question: Why is society/media so paranoid about AI replacing jobs or taking over humanity, when similar technologies like electricity have brought out phenomenal progress despite their dangers? Answer: You are right of course. Why should we stop progress when automated production could produce all we need much more effectively, probably more cheaply as well. The … More The Real Problem With Unemployment

Born Addicts

Question: Do you think we are all addicted to something in one way or another? Answer: Yes we all an “addictive personality”. We are all born with an inherently egocentric, self-serving, self-justifying, greedy, individualistic nature that is driven by an exponentially growing desire for pleasures. Our whole life is about searching for more, greater, spicier, … More Born Addicts