The Real Cost Of Living

Question: What is something that almost nobody knows about the cost of living?

Answer: The most important thing to know about the “cost of living” is that for our present living, lifestyle we pay for with our “Humanity”.

Due to the constant brainwashing, consumerist “values” we are bombarded by, through the very shrewd, refined “aggregate demand” generation we keep on yearning for, aiming at a lifestyle we do not really need, we cannot afford and that is harmful for us.

Most importantly since we exert all our effort into achieving the elusive “dream” lifestyle the mainstream society projects ahead of us, we can’t exert effort into what is really important: to become “truly Human” beings by building real, positive, constructive, mutually supportive, mutually fulfilling connections in between us.

Thus we live an obsolete, aimless life in between involuntary life and involuntary death, wasting our opportunity to find out what it means to be “Human” and actually achieving a Human degree by focusing on what is important!

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