Riding, Directing The Ego

Question: Why do we allow our egos to hold us back in life?

Answer: We do not “allow” our ego to “hold us back” in our life.

We have no power over our egos since the ego is all we have!

Moreover it was our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, hateful and greedy ego that drive us towards our explorations, discoveries, progress. Without the unique Human ego we would have remained as other animals, the same for thousands, millions of years.

Without the ego pushing us out of Nature’s otherwise instinctively integrated, fully cooperating system we would have never received an “outsider”, “independent” viewpoint of the system. And we need this unique independence, viewpoint in order to reach our true, Human potential as determined by nature’s evolutionary plan.

You are right. Now that we have evolved into a fully integrated and interdependent global system our ego has become a hindrance, or even existential threat. By blindly following our inherent ego we are sleepwalking towards a global disaster, threatening our own collective, Human existence.

But again, since the ego – our inherently selfish,insatiable desire for pleasures, reward, progress – is our engine,”matter”, we can’t suppress it or erase it!

Instead we need to learn – through a unique,purposeful and practical educational method – how to channel, use our ego towards positive, collective, constructive goals, purpose. By rising above, “riding our ego” like a skilled rodeo rider we will pave the path of reaching our evolutionary Human purpose: integrating and thus fully attaining Nature’s perfect system while consciously,, proactively using our independent viewpoint through the above mentioned integration.

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