The Perfect Scientist With Quantum Perception

Question: What are the main effects of science on our life?

Answer: It depends on the science.

As we can increasingly see, our usual, classical sciences have hit a wall in exploring our reality, thus they are unable to help us to solve our everyday problems.

Most of sciences have become theoretical as especially quantum physics started to point at, hint at a reality we simply have no actual ability to research, attain.

Our inherently self-serving, egocentric and subjective consciousness, perception can cope with the Newtonian system which we can comprehend within our subjective, time, space and motion based coordinates. But we are utterly incompatible with a system that dismisses such subjective coordinates.

Thus the science that could affect, improve our life is a science that deals with the observer itself. We need a purposeful, practical scientific, educational method which can help us build a selfless, transparent, objective observer above our inherently egocentric, subjective viewpoint.

Only this upgraded, new, seemingly “non-existing”, pure observer can enter, research and comprehend quantum reality without causing the slightest selfish, egotistic “ripples” in the system.

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