The Reason And Purpose Of Political Extremism

Question: Why has everyone become very politically opinionated lately?

Answer: We have reached our egotistic Human development. Whether we accept it or not, whether we are aware of it yet or not, we are all proudly individualistic, self-serving, self-justifying, egotistic and subjective creature with very strong personal opinions, identities.

The misguided, unfounded and increasingly dogmatic, oppressive, “passive aggressive” “liberal” ideology, propaganda which tried to dismiss, suppress, erase our strong individual and national identities has caused a rebound effect which is now “bearing fruit”. The unstoppable rise of nationalism, mutual hatred, extremists ideologies, movements is the very obvious sign of this.

What we will observe – already observing globally – in forthcoming elections is that the “centrist”, interconnecting platforms, parties, ideologies will fade away, giving way to far right, far left and other strong extremist directions.

Contrary to popular opinion and the mainstream media and propaganda this neither good or bad. It is simply the natural representation of our inherent nature – an xray of who we are – it is simply the open chart of our instinctively egotistic, distrusting, hateful nature which clever politicians, leaders can easily awaken, exploit.

We need to look into the mirror and know who we are, even if this view, self-recognition, “revelation of evil in us” is very unpleasant. But as with the case of cancer, the earlier the diagnosis, the more successful, assured the cure. Ignoring, covering, delaying the diagnosis can lead to death, self-destruction.

So instead of pretending that “ we are ok”, “we can solve problems and build unity naturally” we need to realize that without purposefully changing, upgrading our Human nature we won’t be able to cure our inherently “cancerous nature”.

And for that there are no political, economic, social or military solutions. The only true solution is a unique,purposeful and practical education that can teach us how to unite, build mutually responsible and mutually complementing connections, cooperation above our inherent nature, despite our instincts.

Our extreme polarity, personal,national identity, opinions will not change or disappear, they will continue to show, remind us to who we are, where we start from. But through the right education we will be able to build the new “centrist” platform, “middle line” above our differences.

Incredibly it will be the differences, arguments, oppositions that will provide the power, upliftment and the unprecedented ability to agree, work together above them will provide the right, positive, constructive direction!

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