The Reason And Purpose Of Political Extremism

Question: Why has everyone become very politically opinionated lately? Answer: We have reached our egotistic Human development. Whether we accept it or not, whether we are aware of it yet or not, we are all proudly individualistic, self-serving, self-justifying, egotistic and subjective creature with very strong personal opinions, identities. The misguided, unfounded and increasingly dogmatic, … More The Reason And Purpose Of Political Extremism

Nationalism, Separatism, Supremacy

Question: How do you differentiate between nationalism, separatism, and supremacy? Answer: We are all born with an inherently proud, individualistic, self-centered, self-justifying and distrusting nature. We all have a strong sense of individual and national (tribal) identity. This tribal identity is interesting as it can group us together alongside such “artificial” constructs as sports teams … More Nationalism, Separatism, Supremacy