Born With A Racist Nature

Question: Do you believe that all people are subconsciously racist? Why or why not?

Answer: Yes. We are all born with an inherently proud, individualistic, egoistic, self-justifying nature. We look at everything and everybody who is different from us with suspicion and distrust, while we want to place ourselves above others.

This can represent itself in many different forms of hate, rejection, isolationism, nationalism, racism, etc.

Moreover whatever we try, we will never be able to suppress or delete our inherent nature, we will never be able to wash away our original differences, diversity and this instinctive distrust.

So if we want to build a different Human society which can be peaceful, fair, mutually responsible and mutually complementing – above and despite our inherent traits – we need a unique, purposeful and practical educational method to achieve it.

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