Meeting Hitler And Goebbels…

Question: Supposing they have accidently time travelled, what will you do if Hitler and Goebbels knock on your door begging for help?

Answer: First of all I would take them to Israel for them to see what has become of the Nation they tried to eradicate.

But then I would also show them how Jew-hatred, the same ideology they followed, publicised is growing, thriving, that they would be welcome with great expectations, enthusiasms in many places in the world today.

I would show them how Jews around the world again live in growing fear, and that in truth what Nazi Germany tried to do wasn’t only a German invention, isolated incident.

I would explain to them that unfortunately the Jews still don’t understand why others hate them so vehemently, and how they themselves could eradicate Jew-hatred, and hatred, wars, genocide in general from Humanity entirely!

And then I would take them with me, perhaps even use Goebbels’s propaganda skills to awaken the Jews, help them understand, that at the moment the Jews started to fulfill their unique, irreplaceable historic role of showing Humanity through their own positive example how to unite, build mutually responsible, mutually complementing connections, cooperation, all the haters, doubters – including Hitler and Goebbels – would become respectful followers, supporters, “…the nations of the world taking the Children of Israel to Jerusalem…”

This is not a dream! Our lives depend on this to happen!

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