Unsatisfying Avengers

Question: Were you satisfied after you saw Avengers: Endgame?

Answer: Not at all.

Besides the usual “Hollywood mistakes” of making everything too drawn out, over the top, syrupy , using the worst, emotion and thought-less cliches in the “peak moments”, trying to impress by putting everybody possible on the same screen at the same time devoid of new ideas…

Just like last time they completely failed to offer any true, acceptable ideas, solutions to counter Thanos’s very real, valid concerns about the state of the world. I could not help but sympathize with his “inevitable” solution of wiping out (mostly) Humankind in order to give a fresh chance to a new generation that has no connection to, knowledge about our rotten, aimless, spoiled society.

Our “brave heroes” fought, some sacrificed themselves to restore everything to where it was, where it is now, without even daring to think if there is anything we could do to “make the world a better place” – apart from Captain America enjoying a few well-earned decades with the love of his heart of course…

When even all the assembled Human and “un-Human” superheroes can’t find an answer to our very real, mounting and seriously threatening problems, what on Earth can we hope in?!

And please do not tell me “it is just about entertainment”, there is nothing about entertainment anymore. The whole Hollywood machinery is serving very cl;ear and sharp financial and political purposes just like any other part of the media and “entertainment”. So is it too much to expect some intelligent thoughts about Humanity’s very real problem and about their solutions in their self-serving “propaganda movies”?!

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