The Only Skill Needed: Connection Building

Question: What is a skill that would make the world a better place if more people learned it? Answer: “Networking” – meaning building positive, sustainable, mutually responsible, mutually supportive and mutually complementing connections, cooperation. In a globally integrated and fully interdependent world this is the only skill that can offer problem solving ability and long-term … More The Only Skill Needed: Connection Building

Unsatisfying Avengers

Question: Were you satisfied after you saw Avengers: Endgame? Answer: Not at all. Besides the usual “Hollywood mistakes” of making everything too drawn out, over the top, syrupy , using the worst, emotion and thought-less cliches in the “peak moments”, trying to impress by putting everybody possible on the same screen at the same time … More Unsatisfying Avengers

The Horrible State Of Us

Question: What’s the most horrific thing you have ever seen? Answer: The most horrific thing I have seen is people losing hope, losing any goal, purpose in life, escaping into mindless activities, immersing into the readily available imbecile “circus and bread entertainment, brainwash”, or becoming addicted to the various substances that are available even legally … More The Horrible State Of Us