The Failure Of “Isms”

Question: Why do younger generations insist that socialism is a better system than capitalism?

Answer: Because they do not remember what socialism looked like, most people in the West never lived in socialism. All they see is that capitalism does not work, so they think we should try its “opposite”.

But none of our “isms”, different ideologies can help us, neither can left wing or right wing – or centrist – governments. The problem is “within us”.

We are all born with an inherently “raw capitalistic” – egocentric, self-serving, self-justifying – nature, which thrives through ruthless, exclusive competition, success at the expense of others.

This is why it did not, does not matter which “ism” we use, at the end it all becomes a system that benefits a small minority at the expense of the majority, since the most egoistic, selfish people always occupy the “Human pyramid” regardless of the system.

The only solution is changing, upgrading Human nature through a special, purposeful and practical educational method in order to rebuild Humanity on the social system called “mutual guarantee”, which is the carbon copy of the arrangement in Nature’s closed, integral systems, adapting its laws for maintaining balance and homeostasis.

The fact that we have to build this system above and against our inherently selfish egos gives us our Human advantage, meaning that even after full integration we still retain an independent, objective consciousness, perception in the contrast. Thus we can fully attain and justify the perfection in such integral Natural systems.

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