Human Economy

Question: Were the economic recessions before humans existed? Answer: Economy, trade is the external expression of the relationship in between Human beings. Thus there cannot be “economic recession” without Human beings. The interconnections, relationships in between animals in Nature are all instinctive and stay within the boundaries of Nature’s fully balanced, harmonious system, thus there … More Human Economy

Question: Is humanity just sinking deeper and deeper into materialism? Answer: On one hand yes, we are sinking ever deeper into the quicksand of materialism, blindly, instinctively following our insatiable, self-serving, greedy egos. On the other hand since this behaviour makes us like cancer in Nature’s fully integrated, closed, interdependent system there is a sad … More

How To Fit The Capitalistic Human Into Communistic Nature

In a simplified manner the problem is the following: We exist in a “communistic” Natural system, where there is only absolutely altruistic, “selfless” interconnection in between all elements, that are unconditionally serving each other and the system in order to maintain balance and homeostasis, without which life and optimal development is impossible. It is true … More How To Fit The Capitalistic Human Into Communistic Nature

Poor But Happy

Question: How some people are poor still, happiest people in the world? Answer: That’s because happiness has no connection to money, material wealth. Of course we need money to cover our basic, natural Human necessities and provide a comfortable, healthy life for our families. But beyond those necessities happiness depends on being satisfied with what … More Poor But Happy