Human Economy

Question: Were the economic recessions before humans existed?

Answer: Economy, trade is the external expression of the relationship in between Human beings. Thus there cannot be “economic recession” without Human beings.

The interconnections, relationships in between animals in Nature are all instinctive and stay within the boundaries of Nature’s fully balanced, harmonious system, thus there is no “economic crisis/recession” in the Animal Kingdom.

Only Human beings have an “unnatural”, excessive, inherently selfish, greedy and egoistic nature, which leads to ruthless, exclusive competition, exploitation of others causing economic crisis, recession, and as Human history is the chronicle of the exponentially growing, insatiable ego, now we have evolved into a society that is in constant economic recession, crisis.

The solution is neither economic, nor political. It is our “unnatural”, selfish and greedy nature that needs correction, upgrade so we could learn how to use our insatiable desires, needs for the sake of the whole collective, we also remaining within the boundaries of Nature’s balance, homeostasis.

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