Learning The Economy Of The Future

Question: What is a fair way to distribute wealth? What does your answer say about your political/social philosophy?

Answer: First of all my answer is not based on any political, social philosophy or ideology. It is based on a unique, ancient, empirical Natural science that studies Nature’s integral system and our own Human nature and the way we could make our nature more compatible with our Natural conditions.

The fair distribution of wealth can be expressed with the principle of “what’s mine is mine’ what’s yours is yours”. This principle is basically the foundation of the classical free market capitalism, the driver of the American Dream. In this construct we seemingly exist in an open, “infinite” space that is freely open for everybody, where everybody can achieve whatever they want according to their efforts and abilities, without disturbing each other.

There are two problems with this construct.

  1. We do not exist in an open, infinite system with unlimited resources, opportunities, Instead we exist in a closed, finite system which is fully integrated and interdependent. Contrary to our popular self-deceiving belief of independence, personal freedom we exist as individual cells of the same, fully, intricately interconnected body. As a result whatever we tale for ourselves we take it from someone else.
  2. 2. Our original, egocentric, ruthlessly and exclusively competitive nature actually enjoys succeeding at the expense of others, we thrive on defeating, overpowering, exploiting others. In business when a competitor is losing it is more important than we ourselves gaining.

As a result the initial principle has evolved – especially in our times – into “what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is also mine”.

But this construct is also unsustainable, the giant Ponzi scheme the wealthy few has built and tries to maintain stands on very shaky grounds. We behave like cancer which is self-destructive. We cannot sustain a Human bubble that goes against Nature’s laws sustaining balance and homeostasis. This is why we are helplessly sinking into an unsolvable global crisis now.

Thus we have to find a new way of “fair distribution”, in a way that each and every person could contribute to Humanity’s integral and interdependent system according to their best abilities, while receiving their just reward, reimbursement for that mutually responsible and mutually complementing contribution. This system – based on Nature’s laws sustaining balance and homeostasis – is called mutual guarantee.

This of course raises multiple questions about what our true, healthy, modern, natural necessities are, how we would willingly transition from our presently 100% egoistic paradigm to a 100% altruistic one.

This is a gradual process alongside the unstoppable decline of our present Human society. And while the increasing crisis, increasing suffering, hopelessness provides the negative motivation, a unique, purposeful and practical educational method will provide the positive motivation and preparation for that new, global, fair Human society.

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