Nature’s Uncompromising Principle

Question: What are your uncompromisable values, your core principles? Answer: I don’t have any personal ones, especially that any such personal values, principles would be inevitably egocentric, self-serving, self-justifying, subjective. Fortunately Nature’s perfect system provides us with an uncompromising, core principle, unique, empirical, Natural scientists expressed in the law: “Love your neighbor as yourself”. Contrary … More Nature’s Uncompromising Principle

Reshaping Human Society

Question: Do you think your society should be reshaped? Which one? And how? Answer: The whole, global Human society needs to be “reshaped”. More precisely what we need to do is rearrange the mutual interconnections in between people, changing its flow, attitude. The only problem, the root cause behind all of Humanity’s crisis situations, self-destruction … More Reshaping Human Society

Integral Education Teaches How Not To Misuse Globalization

Question: Is globalization a mistake? Answer: Globalization – existing in a globally integrated and fully interdependent world – is not a mistake, it is not “man-made”, but it is an evolutionary necessity as without fully integrating with each other in Humanity we will remain incompatible with Nature’s fully integrated, instinctively, mutually complementing system. And thus … More Integral Education Teaches How Not To Misuse Globalization

Perfect Human Mosaic

Question: Is it possible in our lifetime all countries will unify into one? Answer: We don’t actually have any other choice! Nature’s fully integrated system and its predetermined, relentless evolutionary plan – that progresses towards complete integration of diverse, seemingly incompatible parts, elements of a single, closed system – demands this from us. If we … More Perfect Human Mosaic

Love Above All

Question: What comes first, health, wealth or love? Answer: Love – meaning “true love”. “True love” is very different from the “love” we define in our usual life. The usual “love” is also called “fish-love” – meaning “I love fish because it tastes good”. Thus the instinctive love we feel, we sing, write, dream about … More Love Above All

Infinite Flow Of Natural Pleasure

Question: What is the one thing that will bring more satisfaction and contentment in my life? Answer: Since our original “operating software” is written on a selfish, egocentric “pleasure/pain” principle it is difficult to see or accept, but true satisfaction, contentment comes from selflessly, unconditionally serving, fulfilling others. When we build special, mutual connections built … More Infinite Flow Of Natural Pleasure