How do you think the coronavirus pandemic will end?

I think everybody agrees that the virus pandemic will end in an unprecedented, global, economic, financial, political and social crisis, our present system, lifestyle being wiped out.

But how that will end, unfold, that is our free choice, actually we will face the first true free choice in human history.

Until now millennia of Human development was a blind, instinctive affair, being driven by our inherently selfish, egocentric, greedy and subjective nature. As a result we have been stumbling from one recurring vicious cycles to another, going through civilization ending explosions in between.

Even before the Coronavirus outbreak we were already approaching the next such explosion, which the virus “dampened”, and at least for now the system will fall apart by itself without an aggressive revolution or war.

We are not facing our own “red pill/blue pill” moment. We can choose to try to plug ourselves into a similar artificial, exploitative, consumerist Matrix we had before – as the present leaders, the media, the marketing and entertainment industry will urge is to do.

Or we can choose to build a very different Human society, this time rising above, going against – through a unique, purposeful and practical educational method – our instinctive urges, using Nature’s perfect altruistic, mutually responsible, mutually complementing template as our guide.

The “Matrix” had no future, if we try to rebuild it we will have more severe, more devastating blows in the short future until we come to our senses. Nature’s system will reject us with our incompatible paradigm as foreign bodies.

If we choose to follow Nature’s template it won’t be an easy rise either. After all we need to develop against, above our ego which can’t be suppressed, erased, but needs to be harnessed, channeled properly. But this path has a bright future – being compatible with Nature – and as we progress we will rise to a qualitatively much higher, collective, truly Human existence!

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