The Importance Of Communication

Question: How do I appreciate the impact of communication on the society and the world? Answer: Communication is extremely important. Basically “life” is mutual circulation, communication between very diverse, seemingly incompatible elements of a closed, natural system. And since today we have been forced into a global society in order to push us towards similarity, … More The Importance Of Communication

The All Important Human Connection

Question: What’s more important than human connection? Answer: There is nothing more important than Human connection. Connection is the foundation of life. As soon as we establish unprecedented, truly positive, mutually responsible and mutually complementing interconnections in between Human beings – above our differences and despite our instinctive mutual distrust, animosity – we will be … More The All Important Human Connection

Social Changes Through Education

Question: How can social change occur without wealth, power, or force? Answer: Only through education. Education has the beautiful ability to achieve sustainable – even dramatic, fundamental – changes without trickery, coercion, by positive motivation. Thus by developing a new, Human (global, integral) education we can learn what it means to exist in a fully … More Social Changes Through Education