Do you think the Coronavirus will permanently change the ways in which people work around the world? How?

Yes I believe so, not just how we work, but also what work we are doing.

What we haven’t even started taking about – while everybody tries to stop the virus spread, tries to treat the patients, develop a vaccine – is that the restrictions, lockdown will cause an unprecedented economic, financial, political and social collapse.

And the biggest reason for this collapse is not the virus outbreak. The biggest reason is the or past, present economic, financial, political and social system is unsustainable, it has already been on the verge of collapse, and basically since 2008 we have been on life support with different stimulus, bailout packages, printing money without any actual backup for it, playing with interest rates and brainwashing the masses into constant, excessive consumption.

What we kept ignoring is that we exist in a fully integrated, interdependent Natural system. After all we were born from this system, we are still evolving with this system. But our Human laws, Human paradigm is completely incompatible with the unbending, “iron laws” of Nature sustaining balance and homeostasis without which life, optimal development isn’t possible.

So with or without the virus this collapse was long overdue, the virus infection just gave is the last push. Interestingly “the glass broke without the bullet reaching it”, governments all over the world almost willingly pushed the self-defeat button, even before the rate of infection would have justified the draconian restrictions.

Unconsciously we all – except for a few people who still want to pour useless stimulus packages into the lifeless corpse of the present states – seem to be happy to unplug ourselves from this fake, self-destructive, inhuman Matrix we have built for ourselves.

So when the virus scare fades away, we will be looking at a very different world, with very different job opportunities, after all the harmful excesses, the rubbish we have been dealing with has been removed by the outbreak and ensuing crisis. The virus will wash us clean.

Then it will depend on us if we learned our lesson, and are ready to rebuild Human society on the template of Nature’s system, on selfless, mutually responsible and mutually complementing cooperation, above, despite our inherently selfish, egotistic instincts driving us towards exclusive, exploitative competition, success at the expense of others.

We will need completely new upbringing, education to understand, accept this, as this new direction is directly opposite to how we have lived life until now. But with the virus we have received the necessary preparation for it.

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