Global Priority: Adapt To Global World By Mutual Integration

Question: What are the biggest global priorities? Answer: There is only one “great global priority”: reaching a global unity, unprecedented mutually responsible and mutually complementing global cooperation above and despite our inherently egocentric, self-serving, self-justifying nature separating us, rejecting us from one another. Since we are all sitting on the same – presently sinking – … More Global Priority: Adapt To Global World By Mutual Integration

Live Mass Extinction

Question: When was the last mass extinction on planet Earth, and what caused it? Answer: It is live on now, as we are already deep in the process of exterminating ourselves and the Natural system around us like cancer. And the cause is our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, hateful and greedy ego that drives all of … More Live Mass Extinction

The Real Meaning Of “Love Your Neighbor As Yourself”

Question: What are some famous out of context quotes that don’t actually mean what most people think? Answer: There is one famous quote – it’s unclear who said it first – almost everybody knows and everybody misunderstands. It is the “quote” “Love your neighbor as yourself”. First of all Humanity unanimously handled this quote as … More The Real Meaning Of “Love Your Neighbor As Yourself”

Addressing The Global Imbalance

Question: What are the reasons behind regional imbalances worldwide? Answer: It is understandable that from our own personal, national, subjective point of view we see “regional imbalances”. But in truth these “regional imbalances” are part of the global imbalance Humanity has entered quite a while ego. We evolved into a globally integrated and fully interdependent … More Addressing The Global Imbalance

Instilling Global, Integral Values

Question: What values should be instilled in 21st-century learners? Answer: Global, integral values. We need to understand what it means to exist in a globally integrated and interdependent world, while also understanding that this “globalization” is not man-made but it is an evolutionary, survival necessity. We are born from, still exist and evolve within the … More Instilling Global, Integral Values

Truly Holistic Thinking

Question: What are some examples of holistic thinking in everyday life? Answer: The truly holistic thinking, approach would be reaching a complete attainment of the system of Nature we exist in. It would mean unveiling, understanding Nature’s single, intelligent evolutionary plan from its inception to its final, perfect goal with all of its cause and … More Truly Holistic Thinking