Should individual freedom be reasonably suspended and retargeted during moments of crisis?

Well it seems the Chinese managed to contain the virus with reasonably short time although we still don’t know the natural course of the outbreak.

But in general coercion, forcing people to comply doesn’t work, as people instinctively rebel. Moreover for such draconian restrictions to be effective people would need to trust their leaders, and such a trust is now missing globally.

Everybody is undermining everybody while all leaders, experts are totally out of their depth since now we are in times that are unprecedented and they simply have no experience, education for our new state.

We have evolved into a globally integrated, interdependent system, where the first reflex in any situation should be seeking mutually responsible, mutually complementing global cooperation.

The virus spread is showing us that whether we want it or not we are inevitably chained to each other at all level of Human activity.

Thus such notions as individual, national problems, individual or national successes simply don’t exist any longer! We are all sitting on the -presently sinking – global boat, and we are totally responsible for one another regardless of who we are, where we live, what we do.

This is a completely new state in Human history and it is against our inherently selfish, egotistic instincts and our competitive urges to succeed, profit at the expense of each other.

The real virus that’s an existential threat is our inherent ego, and until we find the effective cure for the ego – which we also know from historic experience that cannot be suppressed, or erased – we will continue sinking crisis situation after crisis situation until we self-destruct like a virus killing its host.

Thus we need a unique, purposeful and highly practical educational method that can teach us how to channel, harness our selfish ego and our competitive spirit towards positive, constructive, mutual goals, purposes.

Then we will find that people will show immediate, optimal mutual responsibility in any adverse situation, even without central force, obligation. We need to build our societies on mutual guarantee based on the template we borrow from Nature.

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