What are some harsh but true facts that will come to light as a result of the COVID-19?

I would like to copy here another answer given to the same question:

“That we are all connected, biologically and economically, and the risk to the weakest is everyone’s hazard. We need to ensure adequate health care and physical well-being for everyone in a society.”

I also think that this is the harshest and truest fact of the Coronavirus outbreak.

It is harsh as this total interconnectedness and total mutual responsibility is almost unbearable for our inherently egocentric, self-serving, self-justifying nature, but at the same time true because we are part of the Natural system that is governed by unbending laws that govern its balance, homeostasis which secures life and optimal development in nature’s integral, interdependent system.

If we could use the shock and “softening” that this virus outbreak caused and convert it into a useful, purposeful, practical educational method, we could help Humanity to understand the implications of being closed into a single system. Then we could learn in a pleasant way how to act, behave, cooperate through mutual responsibility, while holding onto our individual uniqueness, our personal and national identities, all finding their perfect place in Humanity’s mosaic.

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