Will the Coronavirus scare make history?

There is a chance for that but it depends on how we react to it.

So far there is no reason to believe that the virus outbreak itself will enter history. But since it is showing us things which we suspected, talked about before but didn’t feel on our flesh, now this very direct impression could help us to change history.

Humanity’s history so far is a chronicle of the ever growing Human ego. This insatiable desire for self-fulfilment, self-promotion, self-justification, greedy chase for personal profit drove our development so far.

Human society is built on ruthless, exclusive competition, the open our covert exploitation of others covered with catchy ideologies, superficial “Humanitarian” facade.

The virus made it very real, tangible, that we exist in a global integrated, interdependent system. It also made it very clear that without proper cooperation, mutually responsible, mutually complementing cooperation we make everything twice, 3 times worse then it should be.

If this virus spread had the infection rate, mortality of the Spanish flue for example, we would already be totally devastated, decimated due to the completely inadequate response, behavior we have been showcasing.

Thus this virus – through a relatively moderate blow – gives us the opportunity to change the course of Human history. If we are willing, we can finally learn how to act, make decisions, interconnect above our instinctively egotistic, selfish reactions, attitude through a unique, purposeful and practical educational method.

We can learn to make calculations first of all for the benefit of the collective above selfish benefit. Not by coercion, blind belief, but by clearly, tangibly understanding that when we are all sitting on the same boat, individual health, prosperity, survival is equal to the health, prosperity, survival of the whole collective!

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