How could elites potentially use the distraction of COVID-19 to augment and strengthen their grip on power?

I thought they were doing it anyway, openly in front of our own noses?!

I don’t think they need any special distraction to keep running us the 99%, since we are cheap and ignorant, we can easily be paid off with the epic sport season, the epic movies, TV series Hollywood and the entertainment industry provides, the historic events of the Royal families, the political circus, and if course the yearly upgrade of our smartphones. Now additionally we can also use almost free drugs, and different substances to abuse ourselves whenever we want. So why would they need a virus to continue to do what they have been doing forever?!

The elites actually have a problem with this virus. If the general restrictions, lockdowns continue for a few more weeks, months all the above described Matrix will collapse. And we will all be forced to start thinking about our lives! As we will be stranded at home with hardly any distractions we will have to ask uncomfortable questions about the meaning, goal, purpose of life, how and why we make connections with others Humans.

The virus will also “drive down” in our throats the fact that we are all inevitably interconnected, we all depend on each other and we are totally responsible for each other.

So the virus might make conscious, awakened Human beings out of us – against our own will – and this is not good for the elites, since we might start enjoying making decisions for ourselves, we might have ideas about how to rebuild Human society on different values, different foundations!

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