Question: Is humanity just sinking deeper and deeper into materialism? Answer: On one hand yes, we are sinking ever deeper into the quicksand of materialism, blindly, instinctively following our insatiable, self-serving, greedy egos. On the other hand since this behaviour makes us like cancer in Nature’s fully integrated, closed, interdependent system there is a sad … More

Building Blocks Of Human Life

Question: What are the building blocks of human life? Answer: Life is a unique connection in between very diverse, seemingly incompatible particles, elements, which interconnect in a such a way that they facilitate a special mutual circulation, communication that raises their existence, “awareness” to a qualitatively much higher, systemic level. This is how multi-cellular organisms, … More Building Blocks Of Human Life

Question: Which are the best ways to make a positive impact in society? Answer: Society depends on the positive, mutually responsible and mutually complementing connection, cooperation of its members. Despite trying all possible permutations of ideologies, political, economic and social structures we haven’t been able to build such connections for centuries, millennia. As a result … More

Humanitarian Focus

Question: If you were studying to be a humanitarian, what would be the object of your focus through your studies in this day age? Answer: The object of my focus would be – actually it is – the quantity and quality of Human connections we need to build between us. These connections will define Humanity … More Humanitarian Focus

Global Foundations

Question: What do you care about putting into the world? By putting it into the world, what is your goal? Answer: We need to lay down the foundations for proper, positive, mutually responsible and mutually complementing interconnections in between people in the world. The goal is to build a fully integrated, mutually cooperating global, Human … More Global Foundations

Embracing Diversity

Question: What are the actual advantages of a diverse society? Answer: The present politically correct attempts of creating homogenous, “dumbed down”, zero societies, where we try erasing individual, national identities, any differences between genders, social layers, cultures, religions is a huge misunderstanding. These attempts are not only completely against Human nature, but against Nature’s laws … More Embracing Diversity