The Innate Need For Belonging

Question: Is the human need of belonging to a group greater than the desire for truth and justice?

Answer: Yes, especially so as the real truth, justice can be found only through purposefully, methodically built mutually responsible and mutually complementing Human interconnections.

Our present truth and justice is arbitrary, made up by our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egocentric and subjective nature in a desperate attempt to control our egos. But as we see we keep failing with whatever construct we come up with, today even liberal, parliamentary democracy with its structure is falling apart all over the world.

We have no other option but to rebuild our Human connections on completely different foundations, through a system called “mutual guarantee”, where each person willingly, consciously becomes totally responsible for everybody else.

This is the only way we can survive in Nature’s integrated and interdependent system – since we are all sitting on the presently sinking single boat – and when we integrate with each other we will facilitate, achieve our integration into the Natural system, where we will find the real truth and justice we have been looking for so long.

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