The Paradox Of Life

Question: Do you think a paradox of life is that the more help you need the harder it is to get it?

Answer: Yes, but it is a useful paradox. If we could do everything by ourselves, or if it was easy to find help we would stay within our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egocentric and individualistic nature, feeling like a prideful hero as we usually imagine ourselves.

Only when we become desperate of our own inability, helplessness can we lower our shields, escape our egoistic pride, and humbly connect to others for solution, support. Only this way can absolute egoists merge together, only this way can inherently “cancer-like, single-cellular” Human beings build unity and mutual connections, a common “Human body” which is crucial for collective Human survival.

Then imagine the state when even together, even when we are already interconnected we still find ourselves helpless, trapped in inescapable crisis situations, dead-ends?! Then only Nature’s purposeful evolutionary system and its life-giving force can help, thus it is Nature’s system we have to turn to, tap into by fully integrating with it losing even our collective Human pride.

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