What has gotten lost in the media noise around COVID-19?

We are in an interesting situation. The media, which has become the symbol of our artificial, fake, hysterical, self-serving Human society, might have put the last nail in their own coffin with their predictable coverage. Many – experts and laymen alike – could argue that the worldwide reaction to the Coronavirus outbreak is still out … More What has gotten lost in the media noise around COVID-19?

The Innate Need For Belonging

Question: Is the human need of belonging to a group greater than the desire for truth and justice? Answer: Yes, especially so as the real truth, justice can be found only through purposefully, methodically built mutually responsible and mutually complementing Human interconnections. Our present truth and justice is arbitrary, made up by our inherently self-serving, … More The Innate Need For Belonging

Searching For Absolute Truth/Falsehood

Question: What is the difference between truth and falsehood? Answer: At the moment this difference is in the “eye of the beholder”. Due to our inherently egocentric, self-serving, self-justifying and subjective nature we all define for ourselves what we consider “truth vs falsehood”. And it is true even to the “justice” courts, jury, state laws … More Searching For Absolute Truth/Falsehood

A Strange Habit Of Donald Trump

Question: What are some strange habits of Donald Trump? Answer: I really don’t know him and whatever we “know” about him comes from a completely distorted, biased media propaganda. But overall one “strange habit” he seems to have is questioning all the accepted, politically correct, established opinions, practices the entrenched final establishment had built during … More A Strange Habit Of Donald Trump

Blind Observers

Question: If you are religious, and you woke up tomorrow morning knowing that everything you believe was simply a myth and that there probably is no deity at all, what would you do next? Answer: First of all I think it is very difficult to prove to a believer that what one believes in does … More Blind Observers

Facing The Truth

Question: What was the most intense fundamental truth you’ve had to come to terms with about yourself in life and how did it shape your future? Answer: The most fundamental – and most unpleasant – truth I had to come to terms with about myself is that I am a 100% selfish, egoist, that is … More Facing The Truth