Version Of Truth

Question: If being truly enlightened means exploring further than what we have digested through others experiences, be it through books or life-lessons, then how much of what we know is true? Answer: There is no “truth” in what we know today. Today what we have is personal, egocentric and subjective “versions of truth”. And as … More Version Of Truth

Universal Intelligence

Question: What is life without intelligence? Answer: That is our present “humanoid/animate” life, simply existing instinctively, chasing randomly appearing “animate” (food, sex, family” and “social” (wealth, power/fame, knowledge) desires, subjectively, egotistically locked into a mutually exclusive fight for day to day survival. An intelligent Human life starts with the questions of “What is the meaning … More Universal Intelligence

Secret Service

Question: What is one thing you do that you don’t want anyone else to know about? Answer: Well, the question is a bit paradoxical, since you want us to tell something we do not want others to know, so probably what we will tell you/each other is not the truth, but perhaps something close to … More Secret Service

At Least Do No Harm…

Question: Is religion there to save us from ourselves? Answer: “True” or “original” religion is there to save us from ourselves, but that “true, original” religion does not equate with the religions we see, practice today. Today’s religions have been stripped of their “inner content”, they are lacking the true intention that could save us … More At Least Do No Harm…

Opinion Beyond Dogma

Question: Why does society expect you to have an opinion, but keep it to yourself? Answer: In general (there might be smaller environments where people are capable of doing so) our modern Human society is incapable of discussing, digesting diverse, opposing opinions. Thus in the lack of any other choice the mainstream “dogma” is defensive, … More Opinion Beyond Dogma

Right Or Wrong

Question: Do you believe there is a such thing as right or wrong in life, or that possibly there isn’t, and humans have just simply made that up themselves? If not, would that mean karma is real? Answer: I believe there is such thing as “right vs wrong”. The question is how we assess, perceive … More Right Or Wrong