“Faith” Above Reason

Question: Which is a better way to ease through life, to believe nothing, or to doubt nothing?

Answer: What you are asking is very interesting and it is at the root of progressing, growing, developing.

The wise, empirical scientists called kabbalists describe your question around the notion of “faith”. They describe 3 different kinds of “faith”:

The first is what you described as “doubt nothing”, Kabbalists call it “faith below reason”, meaning one does not use logic, reason, but blindly believes what someone else tells, instructs.

The second is what you described as “believes nothing”, Kabbalists describe it as “faith within reason”, meaning I trust my present mind, reason, logic 100%, and only accept whatever I can comprehend with this mind. This sounds like a reasonable, scientific approach, leading to a solid, repeatable research of reality and its processes around us.

The problem is that our inherent reason, logic is 100% egocentric, subjective and as a result it shows us a very limited and distorted fraction of the “real reality”, as we see only what is deemed important, useful for our self-centered “personal computer” in terms of day to day survival based on a subjective “pleasure pain principle”.

Thus if we want to acquire a true, undistorted, objective perception of reality, if we want to become true, empirical scientists of the world, we need the third “faith”, “Faith above reason”. With this method we start aiming for a higher, selfless, transparent consciousness and perception of reality that is free from the usual egoistic, subjective distortions we are born with.

This method starts with “faith”, believing in the method and the teachers who present it. But as a result of the study, by following the advice, using the tools we start to grow, change and as a result we gain a new, solid mind and logic that is capable of researching, comprehending reality in a completely different way.

Thus I would suggest that the best way of “easing through life” is by “faith above reason”, where I doubt and thus change my inherent self in order to reach a true, perfect and objective empirical observer status.

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