Heavenly Service

Question: Assuming heaven exists, what is the first thing you are going to do once you get your wits about you on the other side (as best you can guess now)? Answer: As unique, wise, empirical scientists explain, “heaven” our the “next world” – a perfect, Natural reality above the limitations of time, space, physical … More Heavenly Service

Creating Life Within Our Interconnections

Question: What makes things come to life? Answer: The tension, interconnection, circulation and communication in between very diverse, seemingly incompatible parts, elements of a closed Natural system. Thus is how life unfolds within our bodies giving us a sense of existence, consciousness. The same way we could elicit a qualitatively much higher sense of life, … More Creating Life Within Our Interconnections

Being Alive

Question: What has made you consider what it truly means to be alive? Answer: Death. Seeing, experiencing death, losing people either in the family or through my medical work. Such a “frequent” encounter with death makes one contemplate about what it means to live or not to live. Many times one looks at a body … More Being Alive

Personal Universe

Question: Does the vastness of our seeable universe show us how special we are or how insignificant we are? Answer: In truth the Universe what the Universe shows us is ourselves reflected back to us, since reality is the projection of our own internal qualities on a “white”, perfect canvas. Thus we can’t have any … More Personal Universe