Question: What is life? What is life like to live for? Where is our life going to go? Answer: Life is sensing a constant desire for fulfillment, pleasures. If we don’t sense such a desire any longer we don’t exist. We think we live in a biological body that defines us. Today we are obsessed … More Life

What Is “Life”?!

Question: What have you experienced as a medical mystery that has yet to be solved? Answer: One “medical mystery” we all see, experience, serving know about, but haven’t figured out yet is what “life” itself is. After all how is it possible that a unique collection of diverse elements, cells, organs are alive in one … More What Is “Life”?!

The Wisdom Of Life

Question: What is some wisdom you can tell about life? Answer: The most important Wisdom about life is that life is born out of connection. It is selfless, altruistic, mutually supportive and mutually complementing interconnections that allow, facilitate the crucial circulation and communication that we “decode” as life. Our inherently selfish, egotistic, subjective existence is … More The Wisdom Of Life

Loneliness Epidemic

Question: Why is there an epidemic of loneliness in our current society? Answer: Because we have reached the self-destructive peak of our egotistic Human development. Our inherently egocentric, self-serving, subjective, distrusting and hateful nature has closed us into our own introverted fortresses. Young people avoid marriage, they don’t want their own children, entire nations are … More Loneliness Epidemic

Purposeful Eternity – Through Connecting To Others

Question: Have you ever thought about your purpose in life? We all will die one day, right? Answer: It is true that our physical body will die one day. But it does not mean our actual consciousness, perception of reality has to disappear as well! And while it might sound mystical, theological, science fiction, it … More Purposeful Eternity – Through Connecting To Others