Success Or Failure?

Question: If you tried to fail, and succeeded in doing so, would you have succeeded or failed?

Answer: It solely depends on what our goal is, what we try to achieve, what we consider success.

If we aim at reaching direct connection to Nature’s single, all-encompassing life-giving force-field – as it is is determined in evolution’s intelligent plan – then we have to reach a complete failure through our inherently egocentric, subjective devices.

Only in a state of utter, desperate helplessness will our prideful ego allow us to turn to any available source for assistance.

Then when we reach this “rag” state – our ego being totally shattered – will we feel how Nature’s force flows through us, solving our problems, enlivening us.

Thus the acquired total failure for our ego is a great triumph for the inner Human being that’s destined to connect to Nature selflessly, objectively.

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