Rising Above Negativity

Question: How smart people deal with negativity? Answer: Truly smart, wise people rise above Negativity, as they methodically learn to see everything as purposeful, unfolding according to a singular, intelligent evolutionary plan, that drives the system of reality towards a perfect, final state.

Purpose: Reconnection!

Question: Can you tell me a story to make me understand the purpose of life? Answer: Imagine a solitary cogwheel disconnected from a magnificent, perfect, “perpetum mobile” machine that encompasses everything. How would the cogwheel feel, exist? Imagine a single cell that has been extracted from a perfect, eternal body that can observe and attain … More Purpose: Reconnection!

The Futility Of G20

Question: What global problems have been solved at the G20? Answer: Nothing, and we can’t even blame these people for constantly failing. They are desperately out of their depth. They do not even know what it is they should try to solve, since with our present education, intelligence do not know the root cause of … More The Futility Of G20

“There Is No Righteous In The Land Who Hasn’t Sinned…”

Question: Would life be more boring without crime? Answer: Yes, since our whole life experience, perception, recognition unfolds through contrast, comparative research. Thus without crime we would not know what justice, honesty is, without hate we would never know what love is. This is why we Humans are all born as “criminals” – driven by … More “There Is No Righteous In The Land Who Hasn’t Sinned…”