Education For Connection

Question: What can be done by anyone and everyone to make the world a better place today, whether it is big or small?

Answer: The answer comes from the fact that we have evolved into a globally, fully integrated and completely interdependent world.

In such a global, integral system everything depends on the quantity and quality of our mutually responsible and mutually complementing interactions, cooperation.

We can see that despite of our best intentions, multiple efforts such interaction, cooperation fails at each and every attempt from the level of the family through national, regional or global levels.

This is because our inherently, proudly individualistic, self-serving, self-justifying, egotistic nature cannot allow us to make long term concessions, to make calculation outside of selfish benefit. Thus without changing, upgrading our inherent nature we will never be able to change our desperate, constantly worsening situation, regardless of what politicians, economists, activists, scientists or anybody else tries.

Thus we need a unique, purposeful, highly practical educational method that can guide, facilitate us changing ourselves through positive motivation, without coercion or misleading trickery.

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