An Individual View Of Universal Perfection

Question: Do you agree that there is no individual self but only universal self?

Answer: Yes and no.

It is getting clearer to everybody now – as we have evolved into a fully, globally integrated and interdependent world – that we have to develop a single, fully integrated Human consciousness, where we all sense ourselves as a single being and as a result we will also feel ourselves integrated into Nature’s single, fully integrated system.

But our Human uniqueness is to experience this integration from our own, individual angle, to retain our own individual viewpoint of it, otherwise we would not be able to become aware of Nature’s perfection, what this total unification means, as then we would be as any other animal or part of Nature, instinctively but as a result “blindly” being integrated.

This is why we are born with an inherently selfish, egoistic consciousness and perception, so we could purposefully, consciously, proactively achieve integration and the higher, unified consciousness, perception above and against the remaining egocentric, and subjective viewpoint which will continue to provide us with the necessary contrast, measuring point that will validate the perfection we reveal.

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