So Far, Still So Close To Global Unity…

Question: How close are we to uniting Earth?

Answer: Although on the surface it looks as if uniting the world would be impossible, we are actually very close.

As they say it is the darkest before dawn. Our inherently selfish, egocentric, subjective and individualistic nature would never let us unite, unless feeling that without accepting unity, connection above distrust and mutual hate it will self-destruct, perish.

We are just taking stock, that our instinctive, all-powerful ego – that distorts, corrupts everything we develop, invent – just destroyed liberal, parliamentary democracy and free market capitalism we thought was the only sustainable option for a safe, peaceful, prosperous Human society.

Now some people want to return to systems that have already failed ion the past, some still think that by electing other parties, politicians will make some difference, but most people started to feel that we have reached a total dead end with our egoistic development that drove us blindly forward so far.

Thus even egoistically we understand now, that we have to shift to a different, mutual, collective path of development, otherwise we will exterminate ourselves (through any of the multiple available options which we “successfully prepared” for this purpose) within this or in the next generation.

Thus global unity, realistic mutually responsible and mutually complementing global cooperation is very close as we have no other available choice! We just need a unique, purposeful and practical educational method to facilitate it.

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