Through Suffering, Our Consciously?!

Question: Do you think the world will be a better place in 2020? If so, why?

Answer: Probably not. It still has to get a bit worse before it will get better. We really need to feel an imminent catastrophe, the real prospect of self-destruction before we accept the need for change.

At the moment there are still many who are satisfied with playing the same old games, going through the same old motions, immersing into the totally pointless, value-less “circus and bread” entertainment that bombards us from everywhere.

There still are many who believe that if they choose another party or another leader things will turn out to be better.

We have to reach an utter, total despair of our own forces, abilities to accept that there is nothing that we can change in the world before we change our own, inherently egocentric, hateful and greedy nature that drives all of us.

Of course we could hasten, soften this by proactively studying Nature’s deterministic plan of evolution through a unique, purposeful and practical method, which could explain to us why we are incompatible with the world we live in. Then we could already start the changes before waiting for intolerable suffering to force us.

But at this stage it seems most people would rather wait for the crisis to get deeper, for the blows, suffering to get more bitter…

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