Improving Our Luck

Question: Why is the luck life better? Answer: I tried to search the expression “luck life” and I found only an anime series and a Japanese high school band. So I assume you refer to a life that depends on luck, rather than depending on conscious, purposeful cause and effect processes. I understand you, as … More Improving Our Luck

Accessing The Collective Subconscious

Question: How can I activate my subconscious mind? Answer: I think there are many teachings, techniques today that teach how to access the “subconscious” mind, although as long as we keep searching inside ourselves we would reach the same dead end: our inherently egotistic, self-serving, self-justifying, subjective cocoon. In other words inside ourselves we will … More Accessing The Collective Subconscious

Powerless Politicians

Question: How did politicians become so powerful? Answer: I don’t think they are so powerful at all. I consider them puppets instead. They are blindly led by their own egotistic, self-serving, self-justifying ambitions, while they are also hapless servants of powerful lobby, interest groups that operate behind the scenes. But even those “hidden” powers, interest … More Powerless Politicians

Accessing Nature’s “Cosmic Google” Search

Question: What emotions occur for you when a question isn’t answered? Answer: An unanswered question causes frustration, like an unfulfilled hunger, yearning. A question always signals a need,a need that needs to be fulfilled, thus when no answer comes it increases the need which we “decode” as pain. We are not aware of this consciously … More Accessing Nature’s “Cosmic Google” Search