Integrating The World Into Me

Question: One person can change the world. Can you make that person you?

Answer: This is so much so, that I have to come to feel, that I am the only person that exists and everybody, everything else belongs to me, exists within me. Of course this requires a revolutionary change in my consciousness, perception of reality.

And for that I need a unique, purposeful and practical educational method, which is practiced in a methodically organized, conducted, small and closed environment, where we can practice and come to tangibly feel that the others I work together with become as my own parts.

Through this method we learn how to view, perceive and experience existence through the desires, needs and viewpoints of the others, until everybody else becomes my “sensors”, “receptive vessels” while “I” remain as a simple, selfless, objective observer of reality.

This is how “I” change the world, by removing “my self”, my selfish, subjective ego from it, and through that appearing “peephole” (in the place of my ego), through the others (now I can see without egoistic distortions) my selfless, objective observe can start viewing a perfect reality.

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