Changing The World From The Grassroots

Question: How degraded will the Earth have to become before world leaders will take notice and do something about it?

Answer: They simply can’t notice it and do something about it even if we were on the brink of total explosion. They are not education, brought up, “programmed” to notice it and do anything about it. Probably they do not even think there is a real problem.

Our inherently egocentric, subjective perception works in a way that we simply can’t see, take seriously anything that does not serve our own short-sighted, selfish interest. What they are pursuing, wealth, power, personal legacies, fulfilling their obligations to their paymasters is much more realistic and important to them then to worry about some potential, perceived dangers with wider economy, natural environment, society etc.

It is not their fault, this is the Human nature we are all born with. They worked hard to ascend into their ivory tower, where they are together with the rest of the 1% and they honestly believe everything will all right – for them.

It us us, “lesser mortals” who have to initiate changes from below, from the grassroots level. The illusory world the 1% is building, stubbornly maintaining is already collapsing, there is nothing we need to do about it. What we need to concern about is preparing for the inevitable transitional period that comes after our civilization totally fell apart.

Similarly to the ideas in Isaac Asimov’s Foundation books, we have to set up small cells, small environments that are built on very different foundations compared to our present, aimless, excessively consuming, brainless and aimless society. We have to rediscover our original Humane values, foundations through rebuilt positive, mutually responsible and mutually complementing Human connections.

We have to re-educate ourselves and our children through a groundbreaking, “global/integral educational method” that can help us understand what it means existing in a fully integrated and interdependent Humanity that is embedded into a fully integral and interdependent Natural system.

Then we will now in what way we have to adjust our Human relationships, system to become adapted, compatible with Nature in order to solve our mounting, global problems and facilitate our collective Human survival.

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