The Right Control

Question: Do people need to be controlled in order to manage a functional society? Answer: Yes. We all need to learn how to control our own inherently egoistic, hateful, greedy and subjective nature. We can’t control others, coercion, suppression never worked and will never work. We have already learned this through Human history. Only changes … More The Right Control

Selfless – When The Self Is Totally Annulled

Question: How do you define selfless behavior? Answer: The definition is in the “name” – selfless. It is a state where the “self” does not exist any longer, it is a completely unconditional service, love, care for another where the provider disappears, remains unknown, doesn’t receive any recognition, reward, feedback for giving everything possible to … More Selfless – When The Self Is Totally Annulled

The All-Important, Critical Self-Recognition

Question: What is something encouraging happening in the world these days? Answer: Paradoxically the only encouraging thing that is happening is our general “recognition of evil”, finally, globally realizing that the root cause behind all of our problems is our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, hateful and greedy ego that drives all of us – not only … More The All-Important, Critical Self-Recognition

Learning The Truth About Ourselves

Question: What’s something you learned today that most people don’t know? Answer: Fortunately more and more people learn day by day that the only root cause for all the myriads of problems in the world, the only thing that needs correction is our own, inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egotistic and subjective nature. This nature drives us … More Learning The Truth About Ourselves