Selfless – When The Self Is Totally Annulled

Question: How do you define selfless behavior?

Answer: The definition is in the “name” – selfless.

It is a state where the “self” does not exist any longer, it is a completely unconditional service, love, care for another where the provider disappears, remains unknown, doesn’t receive any recognition, reward, feedback for giving everything possible to another.

This is a concept we by default are incapable of doing or even comprehending, since we are born into an inherently egocentric, subjective self-serving, self-justifying being. We might be able to discuss it but becoming selfless in a practical, realistic manner is beyond our instinctive capabilities.

Only in a unique, purposeful, mutually supportive and mutually complementing environment – in a special Human laboratory – can we exit our inherent self and start becoming truly selfless.

Why would we want to do such a “superhuman” feat?!

Because otherwise we will remain like cancer cells in a sick body, gradually destroying everything, including ourselves. Instead we have to become like healthy, integrated cells of the same Human “super-organism”.

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