The Puppet Pulling The Strings

Question: Where would you be if you weren’t the one directing your own life?

Answer: Well, I would say that if I believed that I was directing my life I would live in an illusion.

Our stubborn belief in individual freedom, individual free, independent decisions originates in our inherently egocentric, proudly individualistic, subjective and totally misguided consciousness and perception.

Each and every thought, desire, decision and action we make is predetermined, preprogrammed. We are driven by blind instincts, hormonal reactions like real life androids without any truly independent, free actions or thoughts.

Of course we don’t even want to consider this let alone accept it, since this would completely remove any point in living. Who wants to knowingly live like a puppet on a string?!

Fortunately there is a way for this puppet to get to know the puppet master (Nature’s single all encompassing force field), the evolutionary plan (the software that operates us) in a way, that by going through a unique educational process we can actually become our own puppet masters, achieving full, unprecedented control over our lives.

But the process starts with the unpleasant recognition that right now we are blind puppets on a string without knowing the string, without knowing what and for what purpose manipulates, directs us.

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