The Obligation To Write

Question: When you decided to become a Writer, was it something that you thought you would struggle with or felt that you had in you as an natural talent?

Answer: Interestingly I never actually prepared to become a writer, thus I didn’t struggle with it. I also never thought, and I still don’t think I have a special talent for it.

I simply write out of obligation.

I have been studying a unique scientific method which can explain to us the Natural system we exist in, with its complete evolutionary plan, together with our own inherent nature and how we could adapt to the system by changing ourselves in order to solve all our problems.

As a result an inner pressure arose in me to start spreading, explaining what I have been studying, since what I learn, attain is crucially important for all of us.

After all we are all sitting on the same – presently sinking – boat, and we are desperately helpless, since we don’t understand the system neither do we know, understands ourselves.

So this is why I started writing on any platform that seemed suitable and at the end platforms like Quora have become the most important ones, since there one can connect the available information to actual questions, need that exists in people.

Writing is a very unique way of passing on information as the information, “Wisdom” we collect is digested, formatted deeper than through speech, thus it is easier to accept, digest for those who receive, read it.

Writing with the above intention could become a unique cogwheel role one can fulfill in Nature’s, Humanity’s integrated system.

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