Teacher And Students

Question: What is the importance of teacher in our life? Answer: An authentic, prepared teacher is very important. Regardless of what we study the teacher represents the “higher level” we want to obtain. The teacher is like a coach that can point us towards the right direction, can give us the tools and exercises necessary … More Teacher And Students

Cooperative Study

Question: How can one remain motivated and focused in studies? Answer: I think the best way to remain motivated and focused in study is to become part of a mutually supportive and mutually complementing study group. There are recent scientific studies proving that “cooperative study” offers great advantages over individual and competitive study methods, while … More Cooperative Study

Envious Motivation

Question: What are the things that always motivate you to study hard? Answer: It is worthwhile to get to know and use our inherent nature. We are all born as proud, egocentric, individualistic people. There is nothing wrong with that, we had no choice about the traits we have received from evolution. Thus we can … More Envious Motivation


Question: How do you determine your destiny? Answer: We do not determine our destiny. Our destiny, our most optimal, Human purpose in existence is already “written” into Nature’s plan of evolution. The meaning of our life is to reveal and fulfill this destiny consciously, willingly, by proactively preparing for it. And for that we need … More Destiny


Question: What is one piece of knowledge or something you know that we probably do not know, and that you can teach us? Answer: First of all I do not have any special, secret personal knowledge “in me”. On the other hand there is a vast, infinite body of knowledge, Wisdom that surrounds us in … More Wisdom

Upside Down World

Out Of Depth Usually we feel very secure, certain in our inherent viewpoint of the world. Still as the deepening and seemingly unsolvable global crisis is rumbling on – when all of our previous ideologies, human laws and system started slipping through our fingers – many people started to question if we are looking at, … More Upside Down World

Reading A Book

  A Good Book Reading a good book can seemingly transport us into another world. A skillful writer can create such a colourful story, “tasty” reality that the reader can feel oneself entering into that world, oneself playing the actions, living the lives the story portrays. A really good book can initiate such deep emotional impressions in … More Reading A Book