Upside Down World

Out Of Depth

Usually we feel very secure, certain in our inherent viewpoint of the world. Still as the deepening and seemingly unsolvable global crisis is rumbling on – when all of our previous ideologies, human laws and system started slipping through our fingers – many people started to question if we are looking at, researching reality in the right way.

Unique, empirical scientists – who researched and attained all the laws, cause and effect processes of the vast, cosmic natural reality – have been saying, writing for a long time now, that our inherent perception of reality is not only inaccurate, but it is completely opposite to how we should be viewing the world around us.

They assert based on their own, empirical, direct, scientific conclusions that our inherently self-centered and subjective perception and operating software is completely incapable of accurately analyzing and computing the reality surrounding us. They say that in order to see true reality we would need to turn our consciousness, perception “upside down”.

Viewing The World Through A Black Hole

By default our observer is positioned in the center of reality, evaluating everything according to a fixed, egocentric, time, space and motion based subjective coordinate system. This is necessary for evaluating through selfish, introverted filters what and how we can use from the world for our own consumption, self-service according to our instinctive, self-centered pleasure/pain principle.

Thus we all operate as individual “black holes” with their own gravitational fields, drawing everything towards ourselves, filtering everything through those egocentric pleasure/pain calculations. This paints a highly limited, personally biased, distorted picture of the world colored, sorted by “is it good for me or not?” markers.

As a result the world we actually consciously notice, view is a completely distorted morsel of the true, unblemished reality that truly surrounds us.

Existing Through Survival Reflex

Our awareness of existence is based on the fear of losing our own existence. The self is constantly motivated, driven by the survival reflex to secure and prolong its own existence. This survival reflex, the necessity to care for one’s own self is at the core of the inherent black hole.

We can’t “switch off” this survival reflex as it is the fundamental program of our existence. Existence and the great of losing, trying to sustain it are inseparable. Thus in order to move our observer out of the inherently selfish, egocentric center of reality, above the subjective coordinates of time, space and motion, we would need to move the focus of care, the object of the instinctive survival reflex from our own self to another target.

The bottom line is that in order to see reality in an opposite way we have to switch from a modus operandi that is based on selfish reception, unashamedly using the personal, egoistic gravitational force for the self; to a modus operandi that is based on pushing everything away, passing onto others, for their care, consumption, as if freely, selflessly floating in a vacuum, deep space.

Liberated By True Love

Of course this switch is extremely difficult, almost impossible. We need a very unique, practical method – those unique scientists composed for us – and environment in order to cut the original, self-serving anchors, and to wash that observer out of the self-protective fortress.

There is only one state when a person can completely forget about oneself, when one’s focus becomes locked on another: love. But here, in order to facilitate a complete self-annulment, the total liberation from self-service, self-protection we need “true love”.

The usual “love” we feel and we keep talking, singing, raving about in our usual life is also selfish. We “love” another when this “love” brings us pleasure, reward or at least a positive feedback, reassurance that our “love” reached its target. When such positive reward, positive feedback is missing we simply can’t love any longer, we don’t have the necessary egoistic fuel.

The true love we need for our unique, unprecedented purpose is found only in one instance in our lives: in our mother’s womb.

Thus we need to find a way of generating such an elemental love for one another that we feel the perfect care, absolute security, confidence that is only provided for a living create in the mother’s womb. Then we become free to care for others.

Game Of Love Provoking Inner War

This is obviously a classical “chicken/egg” scenario. We would need to provide each other with a sense of perfect care, love, we would need to build an artificial mother’s womb, incubator for each other before we actually received that care for ourselves.

Fortunately we don’t need to generate that “supernatural” love ourselves, we need to build a desire for it, sensing its absolute necessity.

This unique process unfolds in a special human environment, “laboratory” by the above mentioned unique, scientific method.

A selected, fully committed circle of people start playing a “game of love”. They start play acting, projecting towards one another a state as if they already felt being in the “mother’s womb”.

They have to unconditionally support, care for each other, justify one another above any state, despite any naturally occurring, instinctive criticism, negative judgment. They do this with the very specific purpose of liberating one another from the clutches of the inherently egoistic standpoint, perception of reality, so they could come to see the world “as it is”, in its complete magnificence.

This game – as they gather experience, they get used to it and constantly receive positive examples, inspiration from one another – becomes more and more realistic. And as a result it draws out, provokes a violent response from each person’s original, instinctive egoistic survival reflex.

The deeper they enter the mutual game, the stronger the suspicion, negative picture, criticism of the others become. Their “inner snakes”, the “inner spies” – constantly collecting damning, upsetting information about the others – become stronger and more shrewd, trying to disrupt, prevent their positive efforts towards building their mutual “mother’s womb”.

The Turning Point

The purpose of this “colossal game” and ensuing inner war is not to succeed. There is no way we can – even mutually – liberate ourselves from the nature we were born into, that is engraved in us.

The purpose is to reach an elemental need, to reach the complete, unblemished desire for the mutual liberation, meaning trying to help one another to escape the original selfish nature. Then as a result we come to the true, unconditional willingness to give up ourselves in order to help the others to succeed.

We have to come to an overwhelming, desperate “love sickness” – a yearning that quenches all other desires – only wanting the ability to truly love the others selflessly, unconditionally in order to provide the “mother’s womb” for them, so they become free to love and serve others.

Deep inside this enormous inner upheaval there is a very clear, solemn revelation, decision the person feels and consents to: “Yes I am ready to give up everything, yes I am ready to do anything even completely disappear in order to help the others escape, become free to “love another as themselves”.

The Birth Of The Human

This clear, unconditional “surrender”, pure consent for total self-annulment releases the self-serving, self-protective anchors, it makes the selfish survival reflex obsolete. The selfish ego has no other option but to yield, allowing another, deeper, primordial software to awaken: the completely selfless, altruistic and unconditional love and service of others the whole system of nature is built upon.

This original software which is openly, freely operating in every element, living creature in nature – safeguarding balance and homeostasis without which life is not possible – is by default suppressed in people due to our shamelessly selfish, egoistic “human mutation”.

This is purposeful, part of evolution’s plan, giving people the opportunity for conscious, proactive self-correction, a chance for a fully aware integration into nature’s system.

When after the heroic, mutual efforts in this unique environment this primordial software awakens, the members of the circle start to sense an unprecedented, unconditional “true love” circulating in between them operating the “mother’s womb”. But this sense doesn’t delete their original selfish feelings, the egoistic rejection they felt towards each other before.

Instead they gain a unique double consciousness, double perception. In this duality is the true “Human being” born. This is the observer that can sense “supernatural” contrasts, can make comparative research in between the two extreme opposites of inherent human egoism and natural altruism.

After all both the inherently egoistic and the new altruistic “software”, modus operandi comes to us from nature. What belongs to “us”, to the Human is the observer “sitting on the wall”, perched at the tip of the scale.

From there one becomes capable of comparing a world that is based on the egoistic “black hole”, only caring for oneself, working for fulfillment at the expense of others; to an opposite, “upside down” world that is based on “zero gravity”, altruistic self-annulment, only giving, passing everything to others, instead of self-fulfilment yearning for ever greater need, “hunger”,”love sickness” in order to be able to serve others unconditionally more and more.

Through this dualistic, comparative research the Human observer faces the primordial source of nature, reading, studying its plan, learning its actions, becoming similar to it.

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