Great Escape

The Harmful Ego

Today we are gradually revealing that our inherent nature is fully egoistic, that we can’t make calculations for anything or anybody else but ourselves. We started to understand that the resulting ruthless and exploitative competition, always succeeding at the expense of others is behind our recurring, vicious, historic cycles and the present, unsolvable global crisis.

And if being threatened to sleepwalk into a global meltdown due to our inherent nature is not enough, this fierce, instinctive, selfish ego prevents us from reaching our Human purpose in life: understanding the natural Universe and its evolutionary plan by the virtue of taking on its fundamental qualities.

Human history – especially the last two thousand years of it – provides ample truth that our egoistic nature cannot be suppressed, or deleted. Neither religions, Eastern teachings, New Age methods, nor terror, coercion, different ideologies, psychology, or social, economic and economic measures work.

And as long as our ego remains in control we distort and corrupt everything we start, invent or build however good, promising they seem to begin with.

Preparing To Escape

Wise, original empirical scientists – who studied natural reality, and human nature until they attained their complete depth with all of the cause and effect processes, details – suggest that the only thing we can do with our ego is escaping it, running away from it.

After we managed to escape the ego, stabilizing our observer point at a certain distance from it, we can gradually learn how to use, channel this selfish ego to positive use instead of its instinctively destructive form.

Of course this “great escape” is not as easy as it sounds. How could we just separate from the nature we were born with, that is engraved in us? To where can we escape, where do we find a suitable sanctuary, “Noah’s ark”?

Changing The Subject Of Love

As those original, empirical scientists explain the only “safe place” we can escape into from our egoistic self is into others.

“Life” means caring, being concerned for existence, it means constantly serving necessities, facilitating survival. By default it means being concerned for our own survival, by default we live according to self-service, “self-love”. If we wanted to suspend this “self-love”, self-service we have to find other subject, or subjects for our instinctive need to love, serve.

Thus instead of constantly looking inside, caring for our own well-being, making all our “pleasure/pain” calculations for ourselves, we need to look “outside of the self” and start caring, making calculations for others.

We have to swap our own desires, necessities, yearnings to the desires, necessities and yearnings of others.

Revealing Hate Against The Ego

This is a truly supernatural attempt, trying to get “out of our own skin”, and instead clothing into others. This effort requires a unique Human environment, “laboratory”, where a selected, fully committed group of people – who have no obvious previous connection to one another – attempt to help each other to escape their selves and becoming each other’s selfless, altruistic servants.

In order to build a true desire for escaping the ego we need to generate a real, intolerable hate, despise towards it. The first function of this unique, mutual laboratory is to provoke, highlight, recognize the “true ego” in its sharpest, most obvious form.

The true, destructive ego is our instinctive inclination against accepting others, against making others more important than ourselves. It is this inclination that prevents us from building mutually responsible and mutually complementing relationships, collaborations with one another.

The fully committed mutual attempt at escaping our selves in order to unconditionally serve others is the perfect provocation in order to draw the “true ego” to the forefront, forcing this ego to fight for its survival.

Thus if those fully committed, selected people “play the game of love” – artificially showcasing mutual concern, mutual support, showing how much they value each other over valuing themselves – on one hand they can generate a true yearning, need toward reaching real “love, service of others” while at the same time they reveal their true ego preventing them in reaching that collective goal.

If the resulting contrast in between the yearned for goal and the resisting ego becomes great enough, they reach a “critical mass” of desperation, “heartbreak”.

When The Ego Let’s Go

They can reach such a deadlock, standoff that they feel that life has no meaning, life is not worth living without reaching the desired state of mutual guarantee – a perfect mutual, selfless and altruistic “love of others” – where they reciprocally wash one another out of self-concern, self-protection.

They lose any desire for anything else in life, they burn all the bridges behind them and want nothing else but to escape their inherent egoistic inclination in order succeed.

If this “life or death” state is true, their inherent ego had no other option but to yield and let go. There is an all important survival reflex built into our egoistic nature.

When it becomes clear that the person lost any desire to exist without acquiring the ability of selfless, altruistic love and service of others, this primordial survival reflex shuts down the ego’s resistance.

Then the committed members of the laboratory receive the unprecedented opportunity to escape towards one another, trying to put their desire into practice.

At The Verge Of True Love Of Others

Still this is not a “happy ending” yet. Escaping the ego is one thing, but actually serving, loving others instead of the self is another. This is a whole new level of self-annulment, self-sacrifice.

In order to actually serve, love others it is not enough to suspend the calculations the ego used to preform for the sake of one’s self. In order to serve, love others in practice one needs to actually employ the original egoistic calculations again but this time for the sake of those others.

This means passing on, giving up everything one would want for oneself for the sake of others.

Even in our inherent, egoistic life we use the desires of others. We constantly compare our state, possessions to the state, possessions of others. The whole marketing, consumerism exploits this uniquely human trait, when we can’t be satisfied with what we have.

Our real joy comes when we can have what others have. Thus we constantly watch each other, “peek through each other’s fences, windows” so we can see what others have so we can also have it.

But in our case, with selfless, altruistic love and service of others we need to switch this modus operandi. We need to feel the desires of others in order to give them, pass onto them what we would like in their place.

And here comes a completely new revelation: by default we simply don’t know how to love, we have no capability, no software for loving others. It is not enough to give up “self-love”. In order to become capable of “loving others”, to pass everything onto them we need to be “reborn”, we need to receive a new, second nature.

Learning How To Live Like Nature

Here is where the “purpose in life” issue comes into play. As mentioned above in order to understand, fully attain the system of reality we exist in we have to become similar to it.

And Nature is built on, operates on a single principle: true, unblemished, selfless, unconditional love and service. Thus we have to learn how to love like Nature. And in order to do so we have to come to feel a necessity, need for such a “superhuman” love.

And we have to find such a necessity, need in one another. So when those unique pioneers in the unique laboratory decide to move on from that neutral, vacuum-like place they find themselves after escaping the ego, they carefully, gently start entering each other’s desires in order to find out how they can serve each other.

And when they enter without the disturbing, subjective, harmful ego they find an infinite, unashamed, burning desire in each other: a primordial desire to be loved.

The natural system we exist in is permeated by a single force-field that wants to create, sustain and nurture life is optimally, perfectly as possible. Thus in each element, from the tiniest particles to the most complex living creatures each part of the system is built on this primordial yearning to be “loved”.

We humans can’t sense this desire, or we sense only tiny, distorted morsels of it, corrupted by our selfish, egoistic nature. But when people start entering, sensing each other selflessly, with the true intention to serve, love one another they suddenly reveal, taste this mind blowing, initially incomprehensible desire for love.

And when we are confronted with such a pure, unrestricted, overwhelming desire to be loved there is nothing else we can do but to completely nullify ourselves like removing any remaining selfish obstruction out of the way.

This is how we can become unblemished, pure, transparent conductors, pipelines of love in between nature and its parts. Seemingly with our intention, attention, awareness we make a connection in between the source of life and all parts of the system, especially all the other human beings, who need this love.

And then as we objectively, selflessly, unconditionally make the connection and observe this love flowing through us we start learning from it “how to love”.

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